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Vape wave ambitions to be the first and most thourough movie about the electronic cigarette's incredible worldwide phenomenon. Jan Kounen dives head first into the ever growing vaping world, taking us around the globe to discover this ongoing cultural revolution, the first real alternative to traditional deadly tobacco smoking.

Tobacco’s history throughout the ages.

Fire, air, liquid, vapor, are all about alchemy.

A short animation sequence will sum up the evolution and the origins of the usage of nicotine throughout the ages, from the earliest primitive tribes, to today’s world of vaping.

At first, mankind has a sacred relationship with tobacco, but progress desacralizes and industrializes its usage. Instead of using its knowledge to try and avoid the toxic tobacco's combustion, the industry is going to use it to make cigarettes more addictive (making them more harmful in the process), just to increase profits. Finally, after years of development, vaping allows nicotine consumption with greatly reduced health risks. The animation sequence will proceed to depict the future of vaping…

History of vaping (interviews and documentaries)

In 1963, Herbert Gilbert filed a patent for the electronic cigarette, but back then, no one wants to produce it, especially not the tobacco industry…

40 years later, Hon Lik files a patent for the e-cig as we know it, trying to find a way to help his father, dying of lung cancer. This is the man who got the ball rolling.But vaping history isn’t only found on the internet. We learn more by talking to the vaping world's actors. For example, did you know that the first rebuildables were made of hair dryer heating elements back in 2008 ?

Let’s now listen to Vincent Athéa, who’s going to walk us through his debut in the vaping world, and how he engineered his first vaporizers with bits of light bulbs, Zippo wicks and lighters springs…

The movie

History in motion

At a time were legislations across the globe are trying to classify electronic cigarette as tobacco products, it seems important to assess the situation.

Is the electronic cigarette going to save the smokers, or poison them ?

Slowing its progress means killing more people, but aren’t we in the vaping “wild west” age ?
Do we need regulations or can this industry regulate itself ?

Who wants to ban the e-cig and why ?

What exactly is the role played by Big Tobacco in this counter-strike against the electronic cigarette ?

The Web

Smokers turned vapers are the best ambassadors of vaping. This worldwide phenomenon spread its
wings within the web and its millions of pages dedicated in helping newbies finding their way in this
jungle and rebuild their first coils. This powerful media has helped selling goods, small companies in
distributing their creations and globally spreading the vaping movement.

The Speakers

Health, Tabacco & E-cig :

  • Dr Farsalinos
  • Pr Dautzenberg
  • Jean François Etter (suisse)
  • Docteur Philippe Presles
  • Jacques Le Houezec
  • Robert Proctor

History of E-cig :

  • Herbert Gilbert
  • High priest of vape
  • Hon Lik
  • Olivier Kershaw

Organismes :

  • Aiduce
  • Fivape
  • European Free Vaping Initiative

E-cig Manufacturers :

  • Joyetech
  • Kanger
  • Pipeline
  • SvoeMesto

Moders :

  • Atmomixani
  • Cartel Mod
  • Footoon
  • Kato
  • Mojo
  • Pedro Carvalho
  • Sebastien Lavergne
  • Vapeprod
  • Vincent Athéa
  • Zepipe

E-liquides Companies :

  • Drakes
  • Five Pawns
  • Fuel
  • House of liquid
  • Space Jam
  • Shaman
  • Suicide Bunny
  • Vapegodess
  • Vaponaute
  • Villain Vapors
  • Vincent dans les Vapes

Reviewers :

  • David de Nukevapes
  • GrimmGreen
  • Le K de Karl
  • Phil Busardo
  • RiP Trippers
  • Russ de Click, Bang!
  • VapinGreek



Line Producer (Swiss)

  • Fabrice Gasser

Line Producer (France)

  • Claire Patronik

Account manager

  • Cédric Boutoille

Assistant Director

  • Bertrand Doudet

Swiss Cast

  • Antoine Basler

French Cast

  • Carole Brana
  • Diouc Koma
  • Dominique Bettenfeld
  • Dan Herzberg
  • Mylène Jampanoï
  • Sébastien Devaud (Agoria)
  • Emi Kaelena
  • Dominic Gould
  • David Coburn
  • Scott Thrun


  • Sarah Peirrain
  • Antonio Lizzio

Visual effects Supervisor

  • Rodolphe Chabrier

Director of photography


The team

The production company Media Screen headed by Marc Obéron in Lausanne obtained financial backing from E-Moovie ANGELS which has enabled the film to go into production.
(E-Moovie ANGELS is a group of private investors in Switzerland which wants to support committed films which aim to reach a large international audience.)

The film has also benefitted from support from the general public via the platform Touscoprod, which has allowed shooting to begin.
Moreover, the passion of the various players in the e-cigarette world, through the site www.vapewave.net, has been real motivation for Jan Kounen. The financial backing via this site will be used to publicize the film.

In order to reach as large an international audience as possible, Vape Wave will be filmed in a dozen different countries and in 5 languages.

Editing and special effects will be carried out by the companies Rita and Mac Guff Ligne. This post-production work will be done in Paris, as will the fiction sequences which will be filmed this summer in partnership with the company Next Shot.

So, Media Screen produced Vape Wave in collaboration with E-Moovie ANGELS, Tawak Pictures, Rita Films, Mac Guff Ligne and Weesper.


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